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The In Deep Music Archive is an eclectic collection of music in many forms. An historical and contemporary library of all available physical formats - Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Reel to Reel tape, 8 Track, 78RPM, VHS, DVD, Laser discs, reference books, encyclopedias, catalogues, biographies and magazines. The archive's digital presence is manifested on the In Deep Music Archive website with regular posts about both popular and more obscure artists included in the collection. Collected by Marty Willson-Piper over the past 50 years, the archive has grown into this wonderful collection through a life of scouring the record stores around the world, but also through generous donations from friends, fans and record labels alike. Any funding goes directly towards either running costs or increasing the content. Our ambition for the archive is to create a musical culture centre with a small venue, that will also be used for music lessons and workshops and as a meeting place for music lovers in a unique atmosphere. Access to the archive will be available to the public in some form yet to be determined.


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fingers in ears

FREE Download Of All Marty Willson-Piper’s Solo albums, MOAT And The Noctorum Project – Or Name Your Price.

If you would like to download any of my solo albums and the Noctorum albums then you are most welcome. If you can afford a donation towards the music then that will be gratefully accepted but you may also download the records for free. The exception to this is the new MOAT record because it […]

Karin Dreijer

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28/2/18 – Fever Ray – To The Moon And Back – 2017

I’m back and I’m scared! After weeks and weeks of touring in a generally freakishly warm America, I arrived in England yesterday evening to Siberian cold. So the flu has ravaged the US in a winter of extremities of hot and cold but did you now about the pandemic in 1918. Tens of millions of […]

Wolf Alice

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24/01/18 – Wolf Alice – Planet Hunter – Live – 2017

Roaming around the planet you notice that music from your own country couldn’t have been made in somebody else’s country – or planet. The Allman Brothers couldn’t have come from Liverpool, Echo And The Bunnymen couldn’t have come from Florida. Thanks for both of them at their best. I’m in Austin and to Texan ears Wolf […]

Steve Marriott Berkeley Community Centre 1972

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1/1/18 – Humble Pie – Honky Tonk Women – Live LA Forum – 1973

As we leave for LA tomorrow I thought I would cast my ears back to the glorious Californian Rock Star infested seventies and see who might have been lurking there. Look who I found! Humble Pie at The Forum in LA in 1973 with Stevie Marriott on vocals and guitar, Clem Clempson on guitar and […]

The Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath - Cover Art - 2008

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30/12/17 – The Mars Volta – Goliath – 2008

As the year comes to an end and music grows and grows and as the perception of music to those that don’t really listen is focused on how bad it is, one remembers that there’s always been thousands of bands and songs that you haven’t heard that you would love. The Mars Volta might not […]

Rpoy Harper Death Or Glory Album Cover

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Life & Death

31/10/17 – Roy Harper – Death Or Glory? – 1992

Halloween…and as October comes to an end, this will be my last post on the theme of death. There are few smarter talents out there, few more perceptive narrators that can articulate the human condition, the absurdity of life, the rules we pander to and our legacy in death, than the inimitable Roy Harper. On […]