12/11/14 – Dianne Izzo – One – 1999

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Dianne IzzoDianne Izzo was a Chicagoan, she made one album, she died of cancer in 2011 in New Mexico at the age of 43. I heard about her for the first time tonight when Jeff Tweedy played one of her (unreleased) songs on stage at the Tweedy show at the China Theatre here in Stockholm. I have done my best to assemble as many of her tracks as I can find on the net – I found six songs. There is little information about her, I found these two snippets and a link to a short obituary.

Diane Izzo originally picked up the guitar at the age of 21 for the intentions of having music at her side while she gruely traveled from state to state. While working odd jobs and selling blood for a living, her verse-chorus-verse melodies and lyrical motivation of struggle and personal solace helped her keep it together mentally over the years until her eventual residence in Chicago. With the encouragement of friends who advised her to play outside of her living room, Izzo started recording her compositions on a four-track in 1998, which led to the success of critical acclaim and coffee house apperances soon after. Leading to a deal with Sugar Free Records, Izzo finally captured her heartfelt emotion on the album One, which debuted in 1999. ~ Mike DaRonco, Rovi

Dianne Izzo’s debut is the complex expression of a modern woman that is both a musical and visceral experience. Recorded in Chicago under producer Brad Wood’s watchful eye (he’s worked with Liz Phair, among others), Izzo’s dramatic compositions are alternately emotionally direct and poetically abstract. She sings in a passionate voice vaguely reminiscent of PJ Harvey and Patti Smith, but her florid songwriting is distinctly her own. Ably supported by guitarist Jim Becker, bassist Eddie Carlson, and drummer Ned Folkerth, Izzo tends to powerful topics like desperate love and painful addictions. Her particularly heady wordplay may take a few listenings to completely unravel, but the concise musical backdrop makes One an extremely compelling package. One of the year’s more formidable female artists. –Mitch Myers


It’s taken 15 years since she released her album to hear about her and when I do it’s three years after her death, such a tragic story. It seems there’s many songs that may not just be unreleased but unrecorded – hopefully other artists will cover them. There is one Dianne Izzo song on Spotify recorded by Samantha Cain – Neverborn.

If anyone has any links to any information about Dianne Izzo please post them on the site and thanks to Jeff Tweedy for making me aware of this amazing artist.




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  1. simone November 11, 2014 at 8:03 pm #

    Far too young to die. What a tragedy. I came across an article on the memorial concert http://www.suntimes.com/…/diane-izzo-memorial-concert- celebrates-singer-song… Also http://www.kcrw.com/music/shows/morning-becomes-electric/diane-izzo where she performed on a radio show. You can get Executioner’s Last Songs on iTunes too. There is supposed to be a MySpace page as well to view videos,but I haven’t had a look at that as yet. Finally I’ve also seen a film trailer for Black& Gold on which Izzo and her partner worked on the soundtrack. Jeff Tweedy also has some covers he’s done on YouTube. Hope this has helped Marty.

  2. Wanha November 11, 2014 at 11:10 pm #

    There are two more tracks on Grooveshark.

    Heaven hurts


    ..Mobile users, there is a html5 version..

    Perhaps someone more a bit more torrentish finds more..?

  3. Wanha November 11, 2014 at 11:50 pm #

    Yet a cover version of a song written by Izzo. Sounds like 22-pistepirkko..

    Fruit bats: Wild honey (2011)

  4. Woody November 12, 2014 at 1:09 am #

    This is so talented. Never heard of her. I am worshipper of Nick Drake. This has some Americanatouch which reminds me of him. So many talented die far to young. Hopefully someone give her credit with a descent record. Very nice experience.

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