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Pumarosa The Witch - Cover Art - 2017

23/5/17 – Pumarosa – The Witch – Priestess Video / Dragonfly Video – 2017

Five piece from London, Pumarosa release their debut album, The Witch, fronted by Isabel Munoz-Newsome, sounding like a spacey eighties Pop group, formed by Munoz-Newsome and drummer Nicholas Owen with Henry Brown on bass, Tomoya Suzuki on saxophone and keys and Neville James on guitar. Their first single Priestess was over seven minutes long and starred Munoz-Newsome with her sister […]

Fleet Foxes - Crack Up - Cover Art - 2017

22/5/17 – Fleet Foxes – Fool’s Errand Video – Third Of May / Odaigahara Lyric Video – 2017

Fleet Foxes have a new album Crack-Up released on Bella Union in the UK due on June 16th 2017. It’s their third album for this American Indie Folk band from Seattle. Sounding like they have one foot firmly in the late sixties and another in contemporary American Folk they sold 400,000 copies in the UK […]

Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want - Album Cover - 2017

21/5/17 – Roger Waters – Déjà Vu / Déjà Vu Live / Smell The Roses / The Last Refugee Video – 2017

Roger Waters returns next month with his first studio album in 25 years. To get a taste of what it’s like you can listen to three new songs that have been released as either audio (Smell The Roses and Déjà Vu) or video (The Last Refugee) including a live version of Déjà Vu on Stephen Colbert’s […]

Triangle - Album Cover - 1970

19/5/17 – Ted Talk on the cultural value of preserving records and unearthing lost and valuable rarities – 2017 / Triangle – 1970

Here at the In Deep Music Archive the preservation of someone’s dreams, someone’s taste, someone’s inspiration as creator or receiver of that creation makes for a worthy cause that continues to fascinate, stimulate and consider the archeological aspects of the most humble of obsessions – collecting and preserving records for now and for posterity. Below is […]

Temple Of The Dog - Album Cover - 1991

18/5/17 – Chris Cornell – July 20th 1964 – May 17th 2017 / Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike – 1991

Although Temple Of The Dog (1991) was the first album that I had that featured Chris Cornell, I had forgotten that it had been conceived by him as a tribute to his friend and Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood after his death from a heroin overdose in 1990. Featuring Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard, […]