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Feist - Pleasure - Cover Art - 2017

25/5/17- Feist – Pleasure – 2017

Canadian singer/songwriter Leslie Feist returns with Pleasure, her first album in six years. Feist’s popularity was boosted in 2007 when Apple used a song from her album The Reminder in an advert for the third generation nano ipod. The song 1234, co-written with  Australian singer Sally Seltman aka New Buffalo reached No.8 on the UK charts. I went […]

Steven Wilson - To The Bone - Cover Art - 2017

24/5/17 – Steven Wilson Featuring Ninet Tayeb – Pariah – 2017 / Ancestral – 2015 / Routine – 2015 / Don’t Hate Me – 2016

Steven Wilson releases a new album, To The Bone, on 18th August. Pariah is the first available track, a lighter more accessible sound and a duet with Israeli singer Ninet Tayeb. This isn’t Ninet’s first appearance on a Steven Wilson album. She appears on Routine and Ancestral from Hand. Cannot. Erase. (2015). She also appears on […]

Pumarosa The Witch - Cover Art - 2017

23/5/17 – Pumarosa – The Witch – Priestess Video / Dragonfly Video – 2017

Five piece from London, Pumarosa release their debut album, The Witch, fronted by Isabel Munoz-Newsome, sounding like a spacey eighties Pop group, formed by Munoz-Newsome and drummer Nicholas Owen with Henry Brown on bass, Tomoya Suzuki on saxophone and keys and Neville James on guitar. Their first single Priestess was over seven minutes long and starred Munoz-Newsome with her sister […]

Triangle - Album Cover - 1970

19/5/17 – Ted Talk on the cultural value of preserving records and unearthing lost and valuable rarities – 2017 / Triangle – 1970

Here at the In Deep Music Archive the preservation of someone’s dreams, someone’s taste, someone’s inspiration as creator or receiver of that creation makes for a worthy cause that continues to fascinate, stimulate and consider the archeological aspects of the most humble of obsessions – collecting and preserving records for now and for posterity. Below is […]

Todd Rundgren - A Wizard A True Star - Cover Art - 1973

17/5/17 – Todd Rundgren – Honorary Speech At Berklee School Of Music, Boston – 2017 / A Wizard, A True Star – 1973

Todd Rundgren has been awarded an honoury doctorate by Berklee School Of Music in Boston.”This year’s honorary doctorate recipients were recognized for their achievements in contemporary music, for their enduring contributions to popular culture, and for the influence their careers and music have had on Berklee’s international student body.” Rundgren’s speech is a rather inspiring review of […]

Real Estate In Mind Cover Art 2017

15/5/17 – Real Estate – In Mind / Darling Video – 2017

Easy New Jersey Pop camped in Brooklyn with a hilarious video where despite a good song you simply stop listening to consider the horse – and it’s as beautiful a horse as it’s absurd in its starring role. Darling is the first release and opening track from their latest album In Mind released in March. […]