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Brave New World - Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley - Album Cover - 1972

27/7/17 – Brave New World – Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley – 1972

Whether you actually need to have read Aldous Huxley and agree with the outcome of this record might depend on how seriously you take a concept album – after all, it is an impression not the actual work that inspired it. And really, if the album had been called Impressions On Reading George Orwell would anyone […]

Epitaph - Debut Album - Cover Art - 1971

25/7/17 – Epitaph – 1st Album – 1971 / Early Morning – 1972

The other day in Frankfurt at Mythos Records, Thomas made me buy the first Epitaph album. I found myself agreeing without thinking too hard about it. It wasn’t that cheap, wasn’t in the greatest condition and I didn’t know the album. Of course later I discovered that even a bit scratchy this was a bargain […]

Guru Guru - Hinten - Cover Art - 1971

24/7/17 – Guru Guru – Hinten / Electric Junk – 1971

This is my last week in Germany where in my mind it’s 1971 and Guru Guru have just released their second album, Hinten. Then I realize that time somehow made it to 2017 and some of us are still enthusiastically listening to these mad, brilliant German freak out albums of the early seventies.  Electric Junk […]


13/7/17 – Yes – And You And I – 1972 / Close To The Edge – 1972 / Fragile – 1971 / The Yes Album – 1971

Tomorrow, Olivia and I will head off to the Night Of The Prog festival at Loreley in Germany, a festival that she hosts and will include Prog Rock giants Yes. It took me years to see Yes even though I had their records in the seventies. I eventually saw them at Sydney Entertainment centre sometime […]