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Album Of The Day

Savages – Silence Yourself – 2013 – Dark Moody Post Punk Power Art Music

Silence Yourself, Savages’ debut, is an album of sprawling angular beauty. Something of a contradiction perhaps but this is the mysterious ability of great bands to hit different spots in your being, simultaneously. They tear you apart whilst caressing you, they intrigue you whilst being direct and they give you proper tunes whilst banging on […]

Moat Cover Art

MOAT:The latest project from MWP and Niko Röhlcke from Swedish band Weeping Willows. MOAT is a collaboration between guitarist/singer and songwriter Marty Willson-Piper and composer/multi-instrumentalist Niko Röhlcke. Marty has an international presence spanning over 30 years, he’s been a successful guitarist, bassist, singer and songwriter. He has been a long time member of Australian psychedelic art rock band the church, as well as gothic folk pop hipsters […]

George Shadow Morton

Life & Death

George ‘Shadow’ Morton – September 3rd 1940 – February 14th 2013

RIP George ‘Shadow’ Morton, the enigmatic record producer/songwriter responsible for getting The Shangri-Las into the charts with the song, ‘Remember (Walking In The Sand)’. The song hit Number 5 in the US and number 14 in the UK in 1964. He is a fascinating story of a personality who kept on getting involved with artists […]


April 2012 – Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) – 1974

Not for the faint hearted, the second vocal solo Eno album “Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy” was an eccentric affair. Put A Straw Under Baby,  featuring the Portsmouth Sinfonia is an example. All you needed to join the Porstmouth Sinfonia was no experience of the instrument you were playing! Bauhaus famously covered “Third Uncle” from this […]

Before And After Science

Before And After Science

Whether Eno was ruminating on Metaphysics (Latin – meta=after) and drawing a conclusion by imagining (Latin – prae=before) and commenting on the spiritual universe either side of the physical realm is open for debate. It may not have encouraged Aristotle towards deeper contemplation in this much misconceived meaning of the word “metaphysics” but the title […]