Davy Graham

Life & Death

Davy Graham – 26th November 1940 – 15th December 2008

Davy Graham was one of the folk guitar legends that the British Isles gave birth to in the ’60s folk/blues boom. Bert Jansch, John Renborn, Wizz Jones and Graham were certainly influences on Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin’s acoustic side. There is a link here to The Guardian Obituary but as The Independent  link seems […]

Terry Kath

The Equipment of Terry Kath – For Mad People Only (Guitarists and early Chicago fans) –

  The Equipment of Terry Kath By Tim Wood The original version of this article first appeared in the Chicago True Advocates publication Scrapbook /New information added 9/5/2001.Fans of the original lineup of Chicago are familiar with the extraordinary playing of guitarist Terry Kath. The guitarist whom Jimi Hendrix said was “better than me” fused […]