Davy Graham

Life & Death

Davy Graham – 26th November 1940 – 15th December 2008

Davy Graham was one of the folk guitar legends that the British Isles gave birth to in the ’60s folk/blues boom. Bert Jansch, John Renborn, Wizz Jones and Graham were certainly influences on Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin’s acoustic side. There is a link here to The Guardian Obituary but as The Independent  link seems […]

Terry Kath

The Equipment of Terry Kath – For Mad People Only (Guitarists and early Chicago fans) –

  The Equipment of Terry Kath By Tim Wood The original version of this article first appeared in the Chicago True Advocates publication Scrapbook /New information added 9/5/2001.Fans of the original lineup of Chicago are familiar with the extraordinary playing of guitarist Terry Kath. The guitarist whom Jimi Hendrix said was “better than me” fused […]

Jamaica Appeals For Looted Music

Original recordings by Bob Marley are thought to have been stolen By Nick Davis BBC News, Kingston, Jamaica http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7761344.stmIt’s a national disgrace… somehow they had access to it and all that history is lost Gladstone Wilson Former JBC programme manager In January this year, staff from at Jamaica’s Public Broadcasting Corporation made a shocking discovery. One […]