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Brody Dalle - Diploid Love - Album Cover - 2014

27/3/16 – Brody Dalle – Diploid Love – 2014 / Blood In Gutters – Audio/ Don’t Mess With Me – Video – 2014

After The Distillers and Spinnerette Brody Dalle arrived in 2014 with her first solo album Diploid Love. Sounding like a 21st century Joan Jett on speed, adventuring into Programmed Pop Punk, the album opens with Rat Race and you get the feeling that this new slicker evolution is attempting simple, straightforward, easy access, catchy guitar driven […]

Spinertte - Ghetto - Love EP - Cover 2008

26/3/16 – Spinnerette – Ghetto Love – 2008

After The Distillers, Brody Dalle and guitarist Tony Bevilacqua formed Spinnerette with future solo album producer Alain Johannes and former Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons. The band only made one album, changing direction with reports that Dalle might have difficulty singing in that raspy style into the future with throat damage […]

Brody Dalle

25/3/16 – The Distillers – Drain The Blood – 2003

Punchy, Punk Rock band fronted by Australian singer/guitarist Brody Dalle (named after Béatrice) sounded like Hole except Dalle can play better guitar. Quick wrist, gravel throat, sneering lip curl, penetrating eyes, red lipstick slash across her face, Dalle was the perfect crossover major label new Punk Rock star item. Drain The Blood comes from the third and […]

Martina Topley Bird pic 2003

6/4/14 – Martina Topley-Bird – Need One – 2003

Need One was the first single off Martina Topley-Bird’s debut album Quixotic from 2003. It features guest appearances from Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan and is a Trip Hop, Electronic Rock soup with catchy tunes over dark backgrounds, moody twists and turns inhabit the grooves. Essential in its genre, it drifts into unknown oceans, tinkers […]


6/4/14 – Martina Topley-Bird – Quixotic – 2003

Martina Topley-Bird first came to attention as part of the Bristol Trip Hop scene appearing on Tricky’s critically acclaimed Mercury Prize nominated debut album Maxinquaye (1995) . Tricky allegedly ‘discovered her’ sitting on a wall near his house. She sang on his first 3 albums and they have a child together. In 2003 she released […]