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Lemmy B:W Seventies

7/1/16 – Lemmy – 24th December 1945 – 28th December 2015 – Hawkwind – Silver Machine – 1972 / Motörhead – Ace Of Spades – 1980

In response to Lemmy’s sudden death at the end of last year, I decided to write about his music from the sixties, up to and including the first Motörhead album. Ten days and eight thousand words later, I thought I would conclude with some articles and obituaries for this most loved musician. I’ve added two […]

Opal Butterfly Groupie Single cover

6/1/16 – Opal Butterfly – Beautiful Beige/ Speak Up – 1968/ Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand/ My Gration Or ? 1968/ Groupie / The Gigging Song – 1969 – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night/ Wind Up Toys – Demo – 196? /Groupie Girl – Movie – 1970

In the seventies in Liverpool (actually Birkenhead and The Wirral to those of you that know the area), I played guitar with some school bands none of which had very exciting names, I can’t even remember what they were called they were so insignificant. But for a short time one of them was called Opal […]

The Rockin' Vickers - 1966

5/1/16 – The Rockin’ Vickers – It’s Alright – 1966

If we carry on going further and further back, we might find Lemmy playing clarinet in a Swing band! It was probably surprising for most people to see Lemmy playing guitar in the Psychedelic band, Sam Gopal but this might surprise you even more – before that he was the guitarist in the third incarnation of Blackpool Beat Group, The […]

Sam Gopal - Escalator 1969 Album Cover

4/1/16 – Sam Gopal – Escalator – 1969 / The Sky Is Burning – Video – 1969

Sam Gopal originally Sam Gopal’s Dream were named after their Malaysian born tabla player and were part of the London Psychedelic scene from 1966 to 1969. The band had Mick Hutchinson on guitar and Andy Clark on keyboards, later of Clark Hutchinson and not to be confused with the Andy Clark from Be Bop Deluxe. If […]