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Chuck Berry 1958

21/3/17 – Chuck Berry – October 18th 1926 – March 18th 2017 / Chuck Berry – Little Queenie – 1959 / The Rolling Stones – Little Queenie – 1969

With little effort, tapping into those talents that allow me to predict the future, I have been saying this was coming since I realized quite recently that Chuck Berry would be 91 in 2017 – note that Little Richard will be 85 in December. Sadly Chuck didn’t make it to that 91st birthday but his legacy runs […]

Sticky Fingers Spanis album cover 1971

31/5/16 – The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar – Top Of The Pops – 1971 / Live – 1972

Although Brown Sugar might be one of the most overplayed songs in Rock history, one never tires of Jagger’s antics. I saw the Stones live in Stockholm a couple of years ago and Jagger was amazing, it really felt like you were seeing the world’s greatest front man and I would have sworn he was […]

Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor - 1968 Cover Art

8/2/16 – Harvey Mandel – Cristo Redentor – 1968

My favourite guitarists are not gymnasts or show offs, they are not experts in technique, scales, modes or theory. Having said that Blues players usually have deep musical knowledge. Blues is a tradition and traditions have guide lines, rules or else the tradition is broken. But what makes this kind of player special is the […]

Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow single cover US

26/6/15 – The Rolling Stones – She’s A Rainbow – 1967

In recent days it has become obvious that the record that Stones aficionados consider their worst is actually seen as their best by less fanatical fans. This is what happens when you break the mould – you upset the purists, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus had left behind their roots. In reality, Psychedelia comes from the same source, is it that different […]