Chuck Berry 1958

21/3/17 – Chuck Berry – October 18th 1926 – March 18th 2017 / Chuck Berry – Little Queenie – 1959 / The Rolling Stones – Little Queenie – 1969

With little effort, tapping into those talents that allow me to predict the future, I have been saying this was coming since I realized quite recently that Chuck Berry would be 91 in 2017 – note that Little Richard will be 85 in December. Sadly Chuck didn’t make it to that 91st birthday but his legacy runs […]


25/11/16 – Aguaturbia – 1st/ Volumen 2 – 1969/1970 / Psychedelic Drugstore – 1993

If you remember the ten volumes of the Love Peace And Poetry compilations featuring obscure Psychedelic bands from ten different countries, the covers adorned with Californian sixties Go Go dancer and model Cheryl Strode – then you may have come across Aguaturbia on Volume 10 (focusing on Chile). Two Aguaturbia tracks were featured – Erótica and I […]


14/11/16 – Leon Russell – April 2 1942 – November 13 2016 / Hall Of Fame Induction By Elton John – 2011 / Talking About Songwriting / A Song For You – 1970 – A Song For You – Live – 1971 / Carpenters – Superstar – 1971 / Joe Cocker And The Grease Band – Delta Lady – 1969 / George Benson – This Masquerade

After a political thread that inspired wonderful, meaningful songs about righting the world’s wrongs, Donald Trump was elected president of the USA – then Leonard Cohen died. I left London and flew to Stockholm to rehearse with Anekdoten and then in turn flew to Holland to play, leaving the following day to drive to Germany – […]


7/11/16 – Elvis Presley – In The Ghetto – 1969 / Live In The Early Seventies

In 1969 Elvis Presley released, From Elvis in Memphis, the first studio album after a long series of Soundtrack albums.  His Paramount studio deal over, he was free to record again in his own right and chose to work at American Sound studios in Memphis with the house band, The Memphis Boys and their classic […]


28/9/16 – Andy Fernbach – If You Miss Your Connexion – 1969

Most of the festivals I have played at recently with Anekdoten have had a good selection of Progressive Vinyl for sale, sometimes expensive original pressings otherwise more affordable reissues. Although it would be nice to have all original copies of those classic sixties and seventies albums (I do have some) often these records are just […]