18/4/17 – Kevin Ayers featuring Nico – The Confessions Of Doctor Dream A) Irreversible Neural Damage – 1974

Released in May 1974, this was Ayers first album for Island records after four albums for Harvest. He only stayed at Island for one more album before returning to Harvest for another three and then, well, the eighties came. Thought of as one of his most accessible records (they all sound accessible to me) and […]


9/11/16 – Stevie Wonder – Living For The City – 1973/ Live On Music Laden – Germany -1974

In 1973, Stevie Wonder released two classic albums, signaling a major breakthrough artistically and commercially. His last major success was as Little Stevie Wonder releasing the single, Fingertips that reached No.1 on the US charts in 1963. Previous albums had crossed over as he evolved from the young blind wonder kid to the talented young man and […]


26/10/16 – Holly Near – It Could Have Been Me – 1974

Holly Near’s almost a cappella song, It Could Have Been Me is a reaction to the Kent State shootings on Monday May 4th 1970. Students were protesting against the Cambodian campaign announced by President Nixon when the national guard opened fire, killing four unarmed students and injuring many more. At this time a young Chrissie […]

Kraftwerk Autobahn Single Cover 1974

8/8/16 – Kraftwerk – Autobahn – 1974

After three experimental albums Kraftwerk released their fourth album, Autobahn in 1974. This was to be the beginning of their crossover from the avant-garde to commerciality and the title track from the album charted in many countires around the world making the Top Ten in Germany and New Zealand, Top Twenty in the UK, Holland, Ireland and Canada […]

Mott The Hoople Seventies Pic B:W

20/1/16 – Dale Griffin – AKA Buffin – 24th October 1948 – 17th January 2016 / Mott The Hoople – Saturday Gigs – 1974

Although another December/January Rock and Roll Death has us wondering when it’s going to stop, in Buffin’s case it wasn’t a surprise. Diagnosed with Alhzeimer’s in 2006 at the age of 58, it was never going to end well. At the Mott The Hoople reunion gigs in 2009 fellow Herefordshire drummer, Pretender, Martin Chambers stepped in […]