The Band 1967

20/4/16 – The Band – Tears Of Rage – Woodstock – 1969

Tears Of Rage was originally recorded in 1967 and was written by Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel, it wasn’t released under Dylan’s name till The Basement Tapes in 1975. The Band opened their debut album, Music From The Big Pink with the song in 1968. It has been covered by many artists including Gene Clark, […]

Fox Single Bed 7 inch 1976 Single Cover

1/4/16 – Fox – Only You Can – Top Of The Pops – 1975 / S-S-S-S Single Bed – Top Of The Pops – 1976

Whatever happened to Susan Traynor? It’s a question that despite investigation seems hard to answer, so let me rephrase it. Whatever happened to Noosha Fox? For those of you that listened to the Pop charts pre Punk you would be very familiar with a string of catchy singles sung by a strangely charismatic front person […]

Piotr Grudinski B:W pic

23/3/16 – Piotr Grudzinski – 15th March 1975 – 21st February 2016 /Riverside – Schizophrenic Prayer – 2007

Most of my knowledge of Polish bands is confined to a series of Polish Jazz albums that came out in the seventies and even though I own some of that series, I’d be hard pressed to actually name the artists. One band that has made an impression in the moody, Prog Metal genre is Riverside. […]