Andy Shauf - The Party Cover Art - 2016

14/5/17 – Andy Shauf – The Party / The Magician Video – 2016

Andy Shauf is a Canadian singer/songwriter and multi- instrumentalist from Saskatchewan. He plays most of the instruments on this, his third album The Party, including clarinet which features in the intro of the opening track featured here as a video. The Magician is a retro slow pulse, lilting its way towards the mid-seventies calmly  reaching […]

Let's Eat Grandma

1/4/17 – Let’s Eat Grandma – I, Gemini / Deep Six Textbook – 2016

By now probably close to 18 years old, Rosa and Jenny, the two best friends of Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky, released their album I, Gemini last year having conceived it, written it, recorded it when they were 15. But if like me you found Teletubbies to be nothing less than Psychedelic you will find these […]


16/11/16 – Mose Allison – November 11 1927 – November 15 2016 / I Don’t Worry About A Thing – 1962/ Parchman Farm – 1958 / Look Here – 1964 / I’m Smashed – 1969 / Blues Breakers – Parchman Farm – 1966 / The Clash – Look Here – 1980 The Who – Young Man’s Blues Live – 1970

As Jazz lovers struggle with Rock and vice versa, Mose Allison managed to stay out of the genre wars by inventing his own style that incorporated Jazz and Blues with real songs, virtuoso playing, meaningful lyrics, memorable melodies, humour, seriousness –  Allison had it all covered. When The Who released Live At Leeds they included […]


15/11/16 – Pete Burns – 5 August 1959 – 23 October 2016 / Dead Or Alive – It’s Been Hours Now – 1982 / The Stranger – 1982 / You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) – 1984

Losing Leonard Cohen at 82 and Leon Russell at 74 is tragic but 57 is just too young to leave. Pete Burns died suddenly of a heart attack on 23rd October after a life of brilliant eccentricity that in his own inimitable way he managed to manifest in a down to earth manner that made him just […]


22/9/16 – The Beatles – Eight Days A Week – 2016

After some weeks of touring, travelling, investigating the universe from both a musical and philosophical perspective, after discovering Krakow, Warsaw, Inowroclaw, Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk in Poland wondering about the future of Riverside after the tragic death of their guitarist Piotr Grudzinski and learning unpronounceable words. After jamming on stage with Theo Travis in Veruno and […]