Lou Reed Talks About Mick Ronson /Mick Ronson Talks About Lou Reed

Mick Ronson & Lou Reed

Here’s a great pic of Lou Reed and Mick Ronson having dinner somewhere. Lou Reed’s death seems somehow shocking even though he was a man of 71 who hadn’t exactly been kind to his body over the years, despite his recent interest in Tai Chi. This is an interesting two minutes of these two discussing each other as they worked together with David Bowie on the Transformer album. It’s funny to hear Lou Reed say that he didn’t understand Ronno’s Hull accent and he had to repeat everything 5 times. It’s also interesting to hear Mick Ronson say that Lou Reed didn’t bother to tune his guitar. That must have been so painful for someone as musical as Ronson. Two icons sharing a moment together. Ronson died of cancer at the age of 46.