Morton Subotnick – Grandfather Of Electronic Music – Short Interview on NPR

Morton Subotnick


If you know anything about the origins of Electronic music you will know something about Morton Subotnick. When he released Silver Apples Of The Moon in 1967 it was literally the sound of the future. Groundbreaking, avant garde, challenging noise scapes, using sounds that the public at least had never heard before. Electronic music before this had had less focus on rhythm and been much more a composed collection of electronic sounds. Earlier innovators had a more intellectual approach to the medium. Subotnick embarked on this electronic journey using a sequencer, inventing a one man orchestra whose music was impossible to play. When you hear it now it sounds less constructed then it did then and with the lights out it has some truly scary moments. Kraftwerk heard this sci-fi soup before embarking on their own electronic innovations and in turn inspiring the next generations of electronic music. Skrillex and Daft Punk owe a grand debt to these innovators of the sixties and seventies especially in their use of the sequencer.


Hear the Silver Apples Of the Moon album here:


Morton Subotnick Silver Apples Of The Moon Album Cover



A short interview with Subotnick was recently aired on NPR radio




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