24/11/13 – Fever Ray – When I Grow Up – 2009

Karin Dreijer Andersson

Karin Dreijer Andersson first came to notice with her brother Olof, as one half of the Swedish electronic duo The Knife in 2001. The album Deep Cuts released in 2003 attracted a large following and when the track Heartbeats was covered by José González on his album Veneer, even more attention. The song was then used in an advert bringing this obscure duo face to face with commercialism. The large advance Sony paid to use their song gave them enough money to start their own record company. Maintaining a low public profile Karin Dreijer-Andersson’s solo project came out some years later under the name of Fever Ray and this is one of the tracks from it. If you like this you will love the album.