3D Printed Artwork, The Future Of Art And Industry And Even Your Liver Replacement!

3D Print Show - Blue Head 3D Printed Artworks

Is it art? is it industry? Well yes it’s both! Industrial art? Yes that too, but the 3D printer concept opens intriguing new doors of potential. Even though the first thing we seemed to hear about was this – a gun.

3 D Printed gun

I have been having a little difficulty understanding how the process actually works but it seems it’s rather simple, not the technology that created it but the steps. It’s so simple in fact, that it seems too easy. You create a 3 Dimensional object in a computer.You take a block of the chosen material, you set the lasers on it, press go and there it is – the object in solid form. So you can build a car, an aeroplane or a…building. Or you can create art.

3 D Printed Car

If anyone would like to start a conversation about this please do. How is it essentially different to the current process, or the old fashioned way of drawing up plans and then making the shapes real by skilled workers in a factory?


There are even advances in wait for it, duplicating human organs using living cells! What can we expect now from art and industry and with genetics searching for the ageing gene, how far away are we from immortality?

3 D Print Show20121020-MakerBot-Art-3D-Print-Show-2012


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