14/12/13 – PJ Harvey – Angelene – 1998

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I have always loved PJ Harvey, I’ve seen her live three times and always thought she had some kind of power, like she was plugged into a self regenerating ideas machine. Her changing styles that still sound like her, her changing looks that still look like her and her ability to be comfortable as herself the chameleon – like Bowie. Like an actor playing eight characters in the same play. I loved this album when it came out in 1998, bought the vinyl, and somebody told me recently it was worth tons of money, well it’s not for sale. Great clip of the first track, Angelene, from that album Is This Desire? Her voice on this track is intense. Love it.

“My first name Angelene
Prettiest mess you ever seen
Love for money is my sin
Any man calls I’ll let him in

Rose is my colour and white
Pretty mouth and green my eyes
I see men come and go
But there’ll be one who will collect my soul
And come to me

Two thousand miles away
He walks upon the coast
Two thousand miles away
It lays open like a road

Dear God, life ain’t kind
People gettin’ born and dying
But  I’ve heard there’s joy untold
Lays open like a road in front of me

Two thousand miles away
He walks upon the coast
Two thousand miles away
Lays open like a road

It seems so far away
I see men come and go
Two thousand miles until I reach that open road

My first name’s Angelene”

Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing





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