16/12/13 – Marmalade – Fine Cuts -1965 -1972 (2011 CD)

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Fine Cuts- The Best Of Marmalade

As CD’s die we must remember that after the initial releases with cheap artwork, dodgy mastering and brittle sound, that record companies finally realised that treating the public with some respect would pay off. And so lots of well put together compilations arrived with great sleeve notes and track listings. This is my attempt to share Marmalade with you in their best light, I don’t actually own this CD but I know from the track listing that it is tastefully put together. I also have no idea if the artwork was as  thoughtfully conceived as the music. And I am not even going to review this CD as Andrew Carver has done a brilliant job of that on the Penny Black Music site.


The band’s history is also adequately preserved on the wikipedia link below. The point of this post is to bring your attention to a great sixties band that time forgot. That is except for the Number 1 cover of The Beatles’ Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da . But they had a lot of great songs in the sixties style, I See The Rain, Baby Make It Soon and the Gibb brother’s Butterfly and developed into something else again at the end of the sixties and in the seventies, changing labels from CBS to Decca and having hits with some great songs like Reflections Of My Life and Cousin Norman as well as memorable harmony heavy songs like Rainbow. All the reviews on Amazon rate this CD as the best of the Best of CD’s available that cover the period from 1965 -1972.



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