19/12/13 – Zabriskie Point – The Film – Soundtrack – 1970

Zabriskie Point Poster

Although Antonioni has been considered one of the great directors of his generation, this film was a total commercial and critical disaster. Like a lot of films dealing with the counter culture in the late sixties and early seventies they don’t wear too well. Latterly the film has been given some praise for its cinematography and interesting soundtrack but like More and Obscured By Clouds these kind of films are really only of any interest to mad Pink Floyd fans.

The soundtrack includes:

Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, Kaleidoscope, Patti Page, The Youngbloods, Roscoe Halcombe, John Fahey, Roy Orbison and The Rolling Stones’ You Got The Silver.

The Stones’ track does not appear on the album and an uncredited Roy Orbison can be heard  at: 1.45.48. Lots of rejected material has found its way onto re-released soundtracks CD’s and You Tube. See album post for more details on this.




The American Trailer:

American Version

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Part 8:

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Dubbed into French:


Dubbed into Italian with Spanish Subtitles: