21/12/13 – Ballet School – Boys Again EP – 2013

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Ballet School - Boys Again EP - 2013

Ok so it’s not an album, it’s an EP but they haven’t made an album yet and this taster is what we have for now.
Ballet School, are a Berlin based three piece consisting of Rosie Blair on vocals, Michel Collet on melodic Johnny Marr, Vini Reilly meets Robert Smith guitar and Louis McGuire on drums. They sound like a cross between The Smiths and The Sundays with a touch of Shellyan Orphan – and  they don’t seem to be German, I guess Berlin is a cool place to start a band in the 21st century. (Collet is allegedly Japanese – Brazilian and Blair Irish, we can only take a wild guess that McClure isn’t German.

The first track Ghost is an arpeggio fest with relentless bass and piano note intro. Yearning vocals soar but in an indie way – it’s an archetypal indie sound with an eighties/nineties pop influence in the instrumentation and the rhythm.

A more electronic sounding drums and bass backing on the second track Heartbeat Overdrive like a poppy Cocteau Twins but it’s the guitar that makes it.

Crush has more guitar lines, this is the one that sounds most like The Sundays, the melodies live in the late eighties/nineties indie period.  After hearing this I want to go back and listen to The Sunday’s debut, Reading, Writing And Arithmetic. (By the way, Harriet Wheeler, The Sundays’ singer – is from Reading).

Last track Yaoi has that rush that often exists on debuts – like it’s all a bit faster than it should be, Robert Smith on speed, but the vocals are strong, the chords are interesting and it will be an indie guitar and vocally poptastic first album when they release one on Bella Union hopefully next year.


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