29/12/13 – The Kinks – Days – 1968/1969

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The Kinks with John Dalton

The Kinks released Days as a single in 1968 and it reached Number 12 on the UK charts. It initially appeared on the Village Green Preservation Society album but only the early European and the New Zealand releases. In this clip from Top Of The Pops from 1969, John Dalton has replaced Peter Quaife on bass.

Although there are many to choose from in the Ray Davies catalogue, I always loved this song. It was covered by Kirsty MacColl on her album Kite and also reached Number 12 in the UK charts in 1989. MacColl was tragically killed in a boating incident whilst swimming with her sons off the coast of Mexico in 2000.






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  1. alienskinmusic December 29, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

    Another wonderfully charming song by Ray Davies…The Kinks, and especially Ray’s melodic and anecdotal songwriting, have always been inspirational to me. I believe they created some of the finest songs of the 60s and quite an interesting collection of tunes in the 70s as well, such as Rock and Roll Fantasy, Black Messiah, Misfits & others.

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