30/12/13 – Yusef Lateef – 9th October 1920 – 23rd December 2013

Life & Death

Yusef Lateef

Born William Emanuel Huddleston, Yusef Lateef  was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and changed his name when he converted to Islam in 1950. A saxophonist and flautist, he also played bassoon and oboe among other esoteric non-western instruments. He introduced Eastern flavours into Jazz and that set him apart from other players. He is known for playing World Music before World Music had a name. He died just before Christmas at the age of 93.


Go here to read his obituary in The Guardian:


Here’s two albums he released in the late fifties:

Yusef Lateef Prayer To The East

A Prayer To The East 1957

Yusef lateef Cry! - Tender

Tender!- Cry 1959


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