4/12/13 – St. Vincent – Strange Mercy – 2011


From the first mad moment of the first song, Chloe In The Afternoon, this album is an action packed adventure inside Annie Clark’s head. Whether it be sonically or lyrically, visually or in regards to guitar tones, samples and keyboards, melodies and rhythms, she weaves complex patterns. Every time I hear this album I hear a new thing I missed the first time. She is an experiment! She manages to be irresistibly catchy and completely out there. She is in a word – bonkers! If you heard this album before the vocals were added you’d not be able to make head nor tail of it but the singing, the melodies, give it form. It’s hard to understand exactly how she sculpts the idea, how she actually writes the songs, but she uses the studio itself not only as a tool, but as an instrument. And then she puts on a headset and helmet, and lifts off, piloting us on this mental craft to these fantastic other worlds of her imagination.



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