8/12/13 – Blind Faith Live In Hyde Park – 1969

Blind Faith Colour

The debut gig of Blind Faith not that long after the demise of Cream. Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and Rick Grech – (Winwood from Traffic and The Spencer Davies Group, Grech from Family). What I love about this concert is how soft and calm it all is. No canopy for the stage, no security, no obvious road crew, invisible camera men, fantastic sound and oh my God, Clapton is just amazing. I guess it’s an old Tele he’s playing but the tone is so warm and the playing is exquisite. Who else plays with such warmth and such finesse? I love the way he just stands there at the back trying to play down the supergroup.

The audience sitting peacefully in Hyde Park on a summers afternoon, a few of them getting up and dancing in that freaky way. Best of all is how much attention people are paying to the music – listening to it. Clapton and Baker were superstars at this point, Winwood too was known for hits with Traffic and Spencer Davies but somehow it’s all so hassle free and low key even though there’s thousands of people. Even though they are so popular they are just ordinary guys playing music, it is so un showbiz. If you like this soul blues jamming check out the one album they made in the same year.