No Winners Or Losers – Forty Songs For 2013


As we approach the end of 2013, I see lists, lots of lists. Lists of music that has captured people, demanded their attention, hypnotised them, moved them. Generally these lists have an order – this is a selection of songs that have been released this year in no order at all. Also these are selections that have only consciously been collected since this site started at the end of October AND are available on Spotify. Why Spotify only – this way you can actually listen to them – if you have Spotify. See the articles about the pros and cons of Spotify on the site to decide whether that is a good idea or not. Then there’s the music I didn’t get to hear this year and then there’s the old music that is so good and yet practically unknown. And then there’s the time to listen to it. Well if you do one special thing next year, make it giving yourself the time to listen to music old and new, undisturbed with your full attention. It will keep you alive longer.