19/1/14 – Klaus Schulze – For Barry Graves – German TV – 1977

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Klaus Schulze

As I can’t find any early Ash Ra Tempel clips, here is some footage of Klaus Schulze. Originally the drummer in Tangerine Dream, then the drummer in Ash Ra Tempel before becoming one of the innovators of the electronic music scene in Germany in the early seventies. This clip from German TV 1977 sees him sitting cross legged on a shag-pile carpet in front of a bank of keyboards, sequencers and electronic equipment.

If you wish to know who Barry Graves was, go here:







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  1. alienskinmusic January 19, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    sensational..especially from it’s hurried, sky falling down over us, section after 4.30minutes

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