20/1/14 – Souad Massi Live – 2007

Souad Massi Candles pic

This is a concert by Souad Massi somewhere in France with some amazing musicians. This concert is a great opportunity to see a master of the oud. I love the sound of this cousin of the lute and ancestor of the guitar.


This from Wikipedia:

According to Farabi, (Muslim Cosmologist, scientist known as the second teacher to Aristotle)  the oud was invented by Lamech the sixth grandson of Adam. The legend tells that the grieving Lamech hung the body of his dead son from a tree. The first oud was inspired by the shape of his son’s bleached skeleton.

Oud Aleppo Syria 1915

(The b/w picture is from Aleppo, Syria Circa 1915).

A plectrum called a risha is used to play the oud. Traditionally the risha was made of eagle feathers and tortoise or sea-turtle shell as well as cowhorn. Cowhorn rishas are commercially available today. The horns are sliced into strips and shaped, then sanded. Modern picks are also made of cellulose plastic. Those who prefer cowhorn rishas to plastic say they make a different quality of sound.

The Oud - Risha