6/1/14 – Golden Earring – Radar Love – Midnight Special – 1974

Golden Earring

Although Alquin’s, The Mountain Queen is today’s Album Of The Day, I can’t find any decent Alquin footage (although they were allegedly on The Old Grey Whistle Test). There is some footage of them at Pink Pop Festival but it is incomplete and very poor quality. The later footage of the band isn’t the point.

As I first became aware of Alquin supporting Golden Earring, here is some great footage of one of the Dutch bands that everyone has heard of, but in an unusual situation. Humorously introduced by Little Richard and playing on Midnight Special (US) in 1974. It’s backing tapes and live vocal with great moves from Barry Hay, amazing drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk and his legendary jumping over the drum kit, (I saw him do that live, it was impressive for a teenager allowed out on his own), George Kooymans, cool as always on guitar and Rinus Gerritsen with that fantastic looking Danelectro bass. Formed in 1961, they are still together.