8/1/14 – 22-Pistepirkko – Boardroom Walk – 1998

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22-Pistepirkko are from Finland, formed in 1980 they make the most intriguing music blending a mixture of rock influences with more modern electronic sounds, but without losing an organic bluesy and garage feel. They are both simple and complex, noisy and quiet, organic whilst embracing technology with ease. (See album review).


This strange video seems to start in a sixties office and then quickly we are in that sixties vision of the future, with space age clothes made of uninvented fabric and plastic cubicles. Wonderful, probably nothing at all to do with the song!!





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  1. alienskinmusic January 9, 2014 at 12:39 am #

    in total agreement, a gem of a track….and a wonderful juxtaposition of 2 radically different song parts. thx Marty I was unaware of this band…

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