12/2/14 – Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman – Live At Festsaal Kreuzeberg 2013/ Unseen Recordings – Talk and Play


In this clip Liebezeit talks about emptying his mind to concentrate on playing the pieces and Friedman about the music simply evoking the image of the musician that is playing it, seeing the characters in the pieces that “appear and disappear”.

This unique duo connect to music in such a way as to mesmerise the listener. Exploring outside the comfort of European structures, they introduce us to the intriguing patterns of Arabia, India and Africa where it just isn’t natural to hear everything in 4/4. Cultures that seem simple hear rhythm in a much more complex way than we do –  and that in itself is fascinating. (Music begins at 2.06).




This is a trailer for a full-length film of Friedman & Liebezeit live at Festsaal Kreuzeberg in 2013.