10/3/14 – Sibylle Baier – Extract from Wim Wenders Film – Alice In The Cities – 1974

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Sibylle Baier and her son Robby

Well this is a s close as you are going to get to a video from Sibylle Baier as she never commercially released her record in the period that it was recorded or even continued to make records at all. Still, it’s intriguing to think what might have been.

Here she is singing a few lines from the song Softly in a black and white scene on a ferry from Wim Wenders first film of his road movie trilogy, Alice In the Cities, that also Included The Wrong Move (1975) and Kings Of The Road (1976). She stars in the film as ‘The Woman’. The film was scored by CAN in one day.


Apparently these days Baier wonders what all the fuss is about. The photo is of her and her son Robby.



Alice In The Cities trailer (In German):

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