19/3/14 – Scott Asheton – 16th August 1949 – 15th March 2014

Life & Death

Scott Asheton Pic

With the loss of both the Asheton Brothers in the last 5 years, the legend of The Stooges has finally reached its conclusion.  A band remembered not just for their excitable front man but for the contributions of the other members including the man that sat on the stool at the back.

I am on tour at the moment so am unable to write much but here are some links. RIP Scott.


Ron Asheton On In Deep:


Ron Asheton Interview:




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One Response to “19/3/14 – Scott Asheton – 16th August 1949 – 15th March 2014”

  1. AlienRendel March 19, 2014 at 6:46 am #

    The Stooges were legendary where I grew up (Ann Arbor, MI) and the Asheton brothers still lived in town. So glad I got to see Rock Action play with both versions of the Stooges (Ron Asheton/ James Williamson) in the last few years. He really brought the heavy.

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