15/4/14 – Egg – A Trip To Newport Hospital – 1971

Arzachel without Hillage

As their is no live footage of Arzachel this is a clip put together by a fan on You Tube. It is a track from Egg’s 1971 second album featuring three members of Arzachel, Dave Stewart and Clive Brooks with Mont Campbell singing about their times in their previous band. It’s as Prog as Prog gets, lots of weird time changes, instrumental passages and fine musicianship.


There used to be a time when we lived in the van
We used to loon about with Janice, Liza and Ann
Now looking back it seemed to be a happy time
And so we kid ourselves we didn’t really mind
The hang-ups and the lack of bread


There were four of us then, the group was Uriel
We played five nights a week at Ryde Castle Hotel
We spent our time avoiding skinheads and the law
It was a freedom that we’d never felt before
And now we’re doing this instead


It was a way of life that was completely new
And so we found that we had quite a lot to do
The time passed slowly and each day was much the same
We ate and loved and slept and no-one was to blame
For saying things better left unsaid


Egg The Polite Force Cover Art 1971