16/4/14 – The Ruts – Babylon’s Burning – 1979

The Ruts 1979

One of the great Punk bands and one of the greatest Punk singles, it reached N0. 7 on the UK charts. The band ‘s members were Malcolm Owen on Vocals, Paul Fox on Guitar, Segs on bass and Dave Ruffy on drums. The band combined Punk with Dub Reggae and that meeting of two cultures is one of the more fascinating and unexpected aspects of the Punk Rock era – The Clash’s ‘White Reggae’ should also be mentioned here.

Babylon’s Burning was the opening track on The Ruts’ debut album, The Crack in 1979. Tragically Malcolm Owen died of a heroin overdose in 1980, he was 26. Virgin released a compilation of singles, B-sides and live tracks called Grin And Bear It in 1980. The band continued as Ruts DC and made two more albums. (Fox died in 2007 of lung cancer).