27/4/14 – Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim – A Man & His Music TV Show Part 3 – 1967

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Today is my Dad’s 93rd birthday, to celebrate that remarkable achievment here is something he loves – Sinatra and Jobim. Sadly he will never see this post as he doesn’t have a computer. This clip is from the Sinatra TV special, A Man And His Music Part 3. Part 1 of the special was aired to celebrate Sinatra’s 50th birthday in 1965. It was so successful that they made a follow up with Nancy Sinatra in 1966, Part 3 followed in 1967 and featured Jobim and Ella Fitzgerald.

Jobim & Sinatra studio pic

Here you see Sinatra lighting up a cigarette and smoking in between singing with Jobim, oh how times have changed – smoking was cool in those days before the doctors got their say over the advertiser’s hype. In 1967 I was 9, my Dad was 46, 10 years younger than me now (I am 56 on May 7th). To think that at his age in that time, this is what he was listening to and Sgt Pepper and The Beatles to him were just a craze, Sinatra was the real deal (along with Shirley Bassey and Nana Mouskouri). Interestingly this clip with Jobim is all about the Bossa Nova craze, a more mature craze, but still a craze. Of course Sinatra himself was a craze in his early career.

I recently posted the Getz /Gilberto collaboration from 1964.



Jazz and Bossa Nova were compatible forms, Getz and Jobim had made the Jazz Samba album in 1962 and the by 1967 Bossa Nova had taken hold. Although Jobim looks very young in the picture and in the special, he was already 40 in 1967 – he died age 67 in 1994, Sinatra died in 1998 age 82.

My Dad lives on and still loves The Girl From Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema in Portugese). I actually went to Ipanema beach once, it’s a neighbourhood in Rio De Janeiro. The giant statue of Jesus, arms out stretched looks down on the bikini clad girls and the begging families equally. The breezy glamour of the song is shattered by this reality. Still, The Girl From Ipanema was all I could hear, but perhaps it was the version my brother played in his cabaret band, The Hiltons and like hand-me-down clothes I may have been introduced to the song once removed, but wherever I heard it first,  “Tall and tan and young and lovely, The Girl From Ipanema goes walking, And when she passes each one she passes goes – ahhh – is permanently burned into my soul.

Happy Birthday Dad this is for you – if you only knew what the internet was.





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