8/4/14 – Rodrigo Y Gabriela – 2006

Album Of The Day

Rodrigo Y Gabriela  album cover 2006

It’s hard to pick which album to highlight Rodrigo Y Gabriela’s music but then it seemed obvious – the one with Stairway To Heaven !

Rodrigo Y Gabriela are a Mexican guitar duo that after exhausting the live scene in their home country decided to go to Ireland where they heard there was a booming music scene. In the last 10 years they have gone from busking in Grafton St to headlining Red Rocks. There’s something about this kind of music that excites an audience, the passion, the speed, the rhythm and throughout this album you get to hear all those elements from Rodrigo’s melodies and lead flourishes to Gabriela’s exciting percussive rhythm playing.

Then there’s their take on Stairway To Heaven and Metallica’s Orion, inspired by their Metal band Tierra Acida (Acid Land). Allegedly a record deal with Tierra Acida fell through and that sent them off to try something different. They haven’t looked back, but really it’s about seeing them live, make sure you check out today’s Video Of The Day where I have posted a full concert.





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