10/5/14 – Dionne Warwick – Walk On By – 1964

Dionne Warwick - Work On By - kreisch - D - 1964After stumbling across this bizarre video that looks like an episode of The Avengers, I am reminded that the sixties in Paris in black and white might have been a rather splendid place to be. Add Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach and Hal David and you have Walk On By, a classic single of the era that reached No.6 in the US charts in 1964.

“If you see me walking down the street
And I start to cry each time we meet
Walk on by, walk on by”

From one bizarre continental occurrence to another, if you look at the artwork to this German Vogue release you will notice that when it came to English songs – the details weren’t that important in the Pop world in Sixties Germany.