15/5/14 – Leon Russell – Delta Lady Live – 1970 – Beware Of Darkness with George Harrison – Concert for Bangladesh – 1971 – A Song For You – Live With Willie Nelson & Ray Charles – 2003 – Big Lips – 2014 – A Song For You – The Carpenters – 1971

Leon Russell


Here’s some Leon Russell videos from his extensive career. Starting with a fantastic version of Delta Lady in the studio from 1970 complete with two false starts. His voice rips, the songs rocks. Celebratory soulful R’n’R at it’s very best.






Beware Of Darkness – Concert for Bangladesh with George Harrison in 1971

Leon with Willie Nelson and the amazing Ray Charles singing A Song For You live at The Beacon Theatre in New York for Willie Nelson’s seventieth birthday.

Big Lips from the latest album, Life Journey 2014

The Carpenters singing Superstar from 1971