16/5/14 – Tiny Ruins – Brightly Painted One – 2014

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Tiny Ruins - Brightly Painted One - Cover Art - 2014New Zealand’s Hollie Fullbrook aka Tiny Ruins has released two EP’s, Little Notes, a collaboration with Belgian, Barcelona resident, Lieven Scheerlinck, released late 2012,  the other demo’s and old songs (Haunts EP) released in 2013. She released her debut album, Some Were Meant For Sea in 2011 and has just released her second album Brightly Painted One in 2014.

She’s an introspective, quiet young folk singer that lives somewhere between John Peel’s, Dandelion records discovery, Bridget St John and the more contemporary Laura Marling. She’s a little more organic than Marling and rather than write songs she tells tales, poignant vignettes like the album’s opener, Me At The Museum, You At The Wintergardens.

She has a hypnotic fingerpicking style and a young dusky voice that loves Nick Drake and craves experience and knows that the wisdom of age will improve its tone and stories but for now succeeds nicely anyway. This is not a criticism, it’s just that when I hear her sing, her moody melancholy, I imagine that the future will be kind to her, I feel as if she can only get better, wrinkles won’t wear her out, youth doesn’t stop her magic either. Folk is like that, it is happy young and old, in joy or in sadness in innovation or tradition, it works in all ways.

Tiny Ruins are the concentrated listener’s dream, songs that carry you away on the wings of contemplation, engaging you, making you stop what you’re doing and take notice, making you listen.


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