21/5/14 – Portico Quartet – Live /Remix – 2013

Portico Quartet - Live:Remix 2103 - Cover ArtThis is a great Live and Remix album from Portico Quartet (Nick Mulvey’s previous band) released on the Real World label in 2013. The band members are hang player/keyboardist Kier Vine, drummer Duncan Bellamy, bassist Milo Fitzpatrick and saxophonist/keyboardist Jack Wyllie.

If you are a fan of Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit albums this may be for you. It’s an ambient, trancy, mesmerising trip, featuring ‘The Hang’, a 21st century melodic percussive instrument and other percussive and electronic sounds – saxophone, bass and real drums complete the sonic picture. SBTRKT and others contribute to the Remix. If you go to the Real World links below everything that needs to be said – is said there. Enjoy the album.