13/6/14 – Jim Keays – 9 September 1946 – 13 June 2014

Jim Keays pic in Bolan shirtAs the lead singer in an Australian band formed in the sixties, Jim Keays and The Masters Apprentices may have been off the radar for most of the world, but the memorable music they made only attracts more and more fans as the years go by. It is with great sadness that we hear of Keays’ death of cancer today at the age of 67 just a week after the loss of another Australian rock icon, The Angels’ Doc Neeson.

Like The Angels, The Masters Apprentices began in Adelaide before relocating to Melbourne and even spending some time in England, but they are most remembered and much loved in Australia as a fiery psychedelic beat group. Edgy and melodic they had a fistful of memorable tunes including their psychedelic classic Living In A Child’s Dream although perhaps their most famous songs, a song that everyone in Australia of a certain age knows and can sing to you – “It’s Because I love You…not because we’re far apart” is the dreamy beautiful song, Because I Love You.

Follow the links to read more about Keays and the band, watch the vids, listen to the music, our thoughts are with Jim Keays family and friends, as we mourn his death we celebrate his legacy.




Living In A Child’s Dream 1967

Turn Up Your radio 1970


Death Of A King 1971


Because I Love You 1971