22/6/14 – King Crimson – Starless – 1974

King Crimson 1974With the World Cup being played out in Brazil at the moment and the legendary seventies Brazilian team still strong in the memory, it’s worth mentioning that there was something else happening over there in 1974. This is a clip of King Crimson on Brazilian TV performing the song Starless, reflecting the musical climate of the time.

King Crimson released two amazing albums in 1974, Starless and Bible Black and Red. Interestingly Starless appeared on Red, not on Starless and Bible Black. This performance is before Red was released and features David Cross on violin. Cross had left the band before Red was completed and although he played on one track on that album (Providence) he didn’t play on this one, although Starless like Providence is co-credited to him..

Notice Robert Fripp is playing mellotron for the first four minutes of the song before playing guitar for the remaining seven minutes – his deadpan expression is priceless. The singer and bass player is ex Family member John Wetton, the unbelievable drummer is Bill Bruford. Bruford left Yes to join King Crimson and and you can see why. It’s a far more grinding, innovative and forward thinking progressive group than Yes would become on their later seventies albums. Fripp’s guitar sound and playing are totally unique, ground breaking, inspiring. Its’ not Jazz, it’s not Rock, it’s more like experimental jamming with structure and melody. Wetton and Bruford went on to form UK and later Wetton formed supergroup Asia.

Fripp has not played with King Crimson since 2008 but as we speak King Crimson are back and ready to tour with a new seven piece line up consisting of Gavin Harrison, Bill Rieflin, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Mel Collins and Jakko Jakszyk. For more information go here: