27/6/14 – Sarah Vaughn & Her Trio – And I love Her – Berlin Jazz Festival – 1969

Sarah Vaughn Berlin Jazz Festival

From another world comes Sarah Vaughn and her Trio in 1969 at the Berlin Jazz festival. Johnny Veith on Piano, Guy Mancuso on bass and Eddy Pucci on Drums with a wonderful interpretation of The Beatles song, And I love Her. The Beatle’s version of the song appeared on the 1964 album, A Hard Day’s Night and also in the film. Sarah Vaughn and her band literally transport you somewhere else with a both dynamic and sensitive vocal performance – the band in touch with her every move, in touch with each other and rising and falling with her as she goes from soft sweet controlled vibrato to dark deep notes, ending the song with the longest and sweetest note of all.

If you wish to search for her records or hear her singing, there are lots of cool clips of her on You Tube from the fifties and sixties. Be careful of Sarah Vaughn’s Songs Of The Beatles, recorded in 1977 it suffers from an inappropriate disco flavour that neither compliments her or The Beatles, disappointingly it isn’t the deep jazzy versions you might imagine and is nothing like the version of And I love Her from Berlin’69.

Sarah Vaughn, nicknamed Sassy, died in 1990 aged 66, one of THE great Jazz singers she was buried where she grew up in New Jersey leaving behind an immortal catalogue of classic performances.