5/6/14 – Yann Tiersen – Infinity – Live On Ouessant Island, Brittany – 2014

Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen and band Live on the mysterious Island of Ouessant off the coast of Brittany. This concert on a chilly March has Tiersen playing the new album, Infinity for an audience of wrapped up locals from a population of under 900 people. It’s a timeless landscape where battles have been fought and ships have been lost on the treacherous rocks. Oil tankers have run aground here and many lives have been lost – the Créac’h lighthouse built in 1863 (apparently the most powerful lighthouse in the world) attempts to protect the passing ships from a watery grave. Tiersen picks this formidable location to showcase his absorbing music.

Set List:

0:05 – Meteorites
2:15 – Slippery stones
7:08 – Ar Maen Bihan
12:40 – A midsummer evening
17:44 – La dispute
21:39 – La crise
24:53 – Steinn
29:13 – In our minds
33:25 – Chapter 19
38:24 – Rue de cascades
41:30 – Grønjørð
44:18 – The crossing
52:50 – The gutter

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