6/6/14 – Lana Del Rey – West Coast – 2014

Video Of The Day

Lana Del Rey pic 2014 Lana Del Rey’s first single from the new album Ultraviolence released on June 16th. Del Rey polarizes opinion, a provocative femme fatale lurking in the Hollywood nightclubs with attitude in spades. A black angel with a husky voice, sixties guitar tones, epic orchestrations and contrasting drum machines. Glossy good girl hair permeated by the smell of cigarettes, sex and alcohol like she escaped from the celluloid strip of a forgotten Film Noir classic. Whether you love her or hate her she stands out, she has a unique voice and a carefully manicured image. Hand picked by Angelina Jolie to sing the title song for her new film Malificent she transmits the sleazy side of Pop culture and American dark glamour with a growl instead of a purr  – and she doesn’t really care what you think.





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