12/7/14 – Tommy Ramone – January 29 1949 – July 11 2014

Life & Death

Ramones picOriginal Ramones drummer Tommy Ramone has died aged 62, sadly all original Ramones members have now gone. (Marky replaced him after just three albums in 1978). Tommy Ramone (Erdelyi) was actually Hungarian born in Budapest moving to NewYork when he was four years old. He played on and co-produced their first three albums and continued working as a producer on their fourth, also producing The Replacements, Tim and Neurotica by Red Kross.

I can only think of one other band where all of them have left and that’s the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Condolences to friends and family.

Wikipedia seems to have a good overview of his life:



Go here for a piece in The Independent:




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