18/7/14 – Annette Peacock – Young – 2006

annette peacock picThe elusive Annette Peacock from her 2006  release 31.31 with unsettling video by Dale Hoyt that isn’t quite working – or is it?. If this is the first time you have heard her, it misrepresents her completely and totally both visually and musically. Of course it is her being her, but there’s different Annette Peacock styles and it’s difficult to get her across all in one go. I might add that what ever she does she is unmistakably herself  – and great! 31.31 was never promoted having been released on her own Ironic Records and it’s hard to find (I don’t have it) it’s sold out on her very basic website. I found her 200o release, An Acrobat’s Heart on ECM without knowing it was even out.  She has travelled from avant-garde Jazz composer (Paul Bley recorded many of her works in the sixties and seventies and beyond) to experimental fusions of Jazz and Rock (with Bill Bruford) she has mixed cocktails with electronics and seductive vocals and blood curdling screams, she is absolutely uncategorizable.

Her groundbreaking album I’m The One from 1972 has experimental voice processing that scares small children whilst being warm – it’s Funky, Singer-Songwriter, Rock and Jazz simultaneously. Mick Ronson covered a fractured version of the title track on his Slaughter On Tenth Avenue album from 1974, Al Kooper covered her song Been and Gone in 1973 on his Naked Songs album. Although she has made a dozen albums, between 1988 and 2000 she released nothing at all and she hasn’t released a new album for eight years – she is an enigma.