2/7/14 – The House Of Love – Beatles And The Stones – 1990

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house of loveOn the subject of The Stones (and The Beatles) here’s Guy Chadwick, Terry Bickers, Chris Groothuizen and Pete Evans with their tribute. Taken from their second album called The House Of Love, interestingly also the name of their first album, although those in the know would refer to it as Fontana and then there were those that would refer to it as The Butterfly album and then those that called it The second album or the album with Beatles and The Stones on it, or the album with Shine On on it, perhaps their best known song…hmm confusing!

All this added up to difficulties to come, a band that were fighting themselves from the start, inner band turmoil, record comapny manipulation and really all they wanted to do was be left alone to make music and when they got the chance to just do that – they were really good at it. Extremely listenable interesting songs, moody with a pop touch, lyrically accessible but not trite, there was a time when this band was regularly on the turntable and one waited for their next record with hope and expectation. I will post some more great tracks by them in the future – after their four albums between 1988 and 1993 they returned for another in 2005 and then another in 2013. You can see their discography on the wikipedia link.

Terry Bickers went on to form a great band of his own called Levitation that are also well worth investigating.





To hear my duet with Norwegian singer Marte Heggelund see the Spotify link below:

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