8/7/14 – Nina Hagen – Naturträne – Rockpalast German TV Live in Dortmund – 1978

Nina Hagen © Jim Rakete/ photoselectionSome might say that football and music don’t mix, where I come from in the North West of England growing up around Manchester and Liverpool, it’s ok to be passionate about both. So in the wake of the unbelievable result in tonight’s World Cup semi-final between Germany and Brazil (7-1) I felt we needed to show something unquestionably German and as over the top as the result itself.

So here we have the amazing Nina Hagen with a song from her Rockpalast performance on German TV in 1978. If you want to see the whole concert, the link is below and interestingly the opening track at this concert is a cover of The Tubes, White Punks On Dope translated into German and now called TV Glotzer. Hagen, a trained Opera singer brought up on Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill created her own universe with her incredible range and outlandish looks. Coming from East Germany she was restricted to what she could perform and one imagines that the authorities had a hard time dealing with her and probably simply presumed she was nuts. Political and theatrical, clever and creative her last album Volksbeat came out in 2011 and dealt with civil rights anti nuclear issues. She is vegetarian, an anti-war protester and wonderfully anti-establishment.



Naturträne 1978:

If you want to view the whole concert go here: